My Interests

I like traveling alone with a bag, and taking pictures of what I see. These pictures were recorded during my trip.


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  • Hello Wen,
    I am amazed at these pictures and your photography. It is my dream to travel the world, and I even often consider traveling alone. How is that experience? I hope that in the near future I will be able to travel and work cohesively in my professional career.

  • Hello Wen,

    I was really surprised by such amazing photos you took! I also enjoy traveling alone and taking pictures.
    I hope there would be an opportunity that we can share lots of experience we have.

  • Hello Wen,

    Your incredible pictures have only increased my interest in traveling abroad! I would love to connect and learn more about what traveling to new countries is like! Hopefully I will one day be able to take photos of my own just like this!

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