My Work Experience

Where Do I Work?

I work at the Manayunk Brewing Company, a restaurant and bar located on 4120 Main Street in Manayunk.

About the Brewery

At the Manayunk Brewing Company, we make our own beer. Our brewers prepare all kinds of beers, IPA, Belgian, Lager, etc. Aside from that, we are a fully functional restaurant with multiple bars. Additionally, we hold weddings, parties, and many kinds of other venues at the second floor of the establishment which is known as the river room.

What I Do

My job at the Manayunk Brewing Company is a barback. I work behind the bar which I am designated to work at on a particular day alongside my bartenders.  Additionally, I work weddings, birthdays, and other kinds of events. Among my main tasks are setting up the bar, supplying liquor, changing and moving kegs, taking care of customers, and keeping a professional work environment. My job is very high paced and the pressure can be high when it becomes very busy. I have to multitask and keep track of many things but I enjoy what I do. Since the Restaurant is also a bar, after 10:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, we have a DJ and it flips into a nightclub. It is a fun and hectic workplace but everyonee there works as a team and we are like a family. I will soon become a bartender since I am almost 21.



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