My Interests

I am a Marketing major and I plan on minoring in Sport Management. My interests include sports and entertainment, such as music. I have had my own personal businesses, both related to sports and music. I am looking forward to having a business related internship in one of those fields during the upcoming summer.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • Thomas, we have many common shared interest. We should talk more and maybe collaborate together in the near future because we probably have even more things in common.

  • I am a marketing major too and we have similar interests. I am passionate about sports and I am considering a career in that field. It is interesting how you said you have had your own personal businesses. One day I want to have my own business. I look forward to talking with you soon.

  • We seem to have a lot in common Thomas. I plan to work in or around sports also. I hope to have my own business too. I wish success with your education, sports and music.

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