My interests

My interests are Philadelphia sports, such as Sixers, Eagles, and the Phillies. I like to work out regularly at the gym. I also like to play basketball in my free time.

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  • I also have similar interests! Do you plan on potentially pursuing a career in which you can incorporate your interests such as sports or athletics in with your business background? This is something I think about a lot and wanted to know if any of my peers have had similar thoughts.

  • I also have a similar interest in this!! With an interest in this, I can see you pursuing a degree in Sports Management! You seem like you have a deep passion in this subject, and will highly succeed!!

  • I see that you’re very active. That is awesome, I myself also started working out since 9th grade I was able to transform my body from 220lbs down to 145lbs during my senior year of high school. Working out is something to keep my mind in a positive way whenever I feel stress, not only that it also help strengthen my memory.

  • Hi Tommy! I also enjoy going to the gym and living an active lifestyle. Keep up the good work!

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