Favorite Classes

Even though I’m only in my second year of college, I honestly love being in school. There is lots that I have learned, yet I still have tons of more information to learn. Sometimes it’s not the subject that’s fun and interesting, but the professors teaching the material who make it fun to learn about. Listed below are a few of my favorite classes I have taken so far.

Leadership and Organization Management
I had taken this class in my freshman year first semester. I had to take this class on Tuesday nights from 5:30pm-8pm because it was the only way I could fit it in my schedule. When I first looked at my schedule, I thought to myself, “I know I am going to hate this class. It is all basic information that everyone already knows about. Especially being that late at night, I know I am going to hate this class.” That quickly changed to, “I love this class.” My professor was an excellent professor. He made the class fun for everyone, he said the funniest jokes in class, and everyone just seemed to have a good time in class. Not only that, but I also realized I really didn’t know much about the class anyways. There was a lot learned from this class, especially ways to persuade people to do whatever it may be. This class become a class I looked forward to every week.

Marketing Management
I took this class in my sophomore year. In the beginning of this class, it seemed as if I had already known the material we were learning. I t just seemed to me like a common sense class. However, when we got into deeper analysis of the material, it was interesting to see how people’s minds work. Who would’ve thought marking an item ‘Eco-Friendly’ makes people more willing to buy that item? There are many other things I learned in this class that were just fascinating.

World Society in Literature and Film
This class was more of an Arabic literature class. All the books we read were very interesting. They all gave an inside look of how life is in the Middle East and Northern Africa. I loved learning about the cultures in those areas of the world. I didn’t know most of their cultures were similar to mine. Something I would love to do one day is just live in the Middle East. Hands down, this is one class  would love to take again.

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