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I enjoy reading blogs, searching for new articles, and reading books. My general interest of genre is mystery, thriller and horror. I also love music of all genres, and watching TV shows on my free time.

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  • Hi Tina I share some similar interests. I enjoy reading mystery books because they keep me intrigued. I slid enjoy all types of music especially when I am with my friends or doing something I always play music.

  • Hi Tina! The marketing scene for entertainment has grown a ton in the last few years. I’m also looking to get myself into the media scene for marketing. With so many events these days there is a ton to get involved in for whatever interest you could have. Community managers are popping up in all sorts of companies and marketing seems to fit in well there.

  • Hi Tina am also interest in marketing major. I like listening to the music in my daily life. Hope we can communicate with
    interests in the future!

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