Tina Dieu

BBA in MIS, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Email: tuh37510@temple.edu

Major: Marketing

Graduation Date: 2021

Interest: E-commerce, Digital Marketing and Copy-writing

Favorite Classes: Direct Marketing, Psychology and Sociology


Thanks for looking at my e-portfolio! I was born in Upper Darby, PA and went to Upper Darby High School. I am currently working on a bachelor degree in Marketing. I choose Marketing as my major because I feel like it is always something that I could forward to. Marketing is about staying relevant and up to the latest updates, and this allows me to constantly be searching for new interesting things. I am still deciding where I would like to focus my career on, but for sure my field of interest is in Media companies such as Music, Fashion, or any Digital Media.




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  • Hi Tina! I chose Marketing for my major for the same reason. I still don’t quite know what my career path is, but I know I have a lot of interest in different kinds of media. Marketing also seems like a great degree to build from once I finally do figure out what I’m doing!

  • Hi Tina! I think you have very good reasons of choosing to be a marketing major. I too was contemplating whether or not to be a marketing major. I think it is great to focus on media companies because it is very popular today.

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