My Interests

A few of my school related interests include marketing and sports management. My other interests outside of school are reading, watching movies/tv shows, and being with my friends during my free time. I’m also very passionate about interior designing, I have always loved watching shows on HGTV with my mom since I was young.  I’m also very into beauty, I love makeup and skincare.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • Hey Taylor I see that you are a marketing major, I am actually interested in doing it as a minor any recommendations?

  • Hi Taylor! I see that you are interested in beauty and skincare, I am as well! I am a marketing major as well! It’s interesting to find someone with similar interests as myself. Hopefully we can potentially network in the future.

  • Hi Taylor, I see that you’re interested in beauty. I’m currently undeclared for business but I am considering majoring in marketing. I hope to someday graduate college and work for beauty companies such as Glossier, Ulta, etc. Hopefully, we could come across each other someday in this industry. Best of luck with everything!

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