Sebastian Varghese

100 Pheasant Hill Drive Philadelphia PA, 19115

Home: (267) 686-3529 Cell: (215) 983-2080

School: Temple University (3rd year student) GPA: 3.5


Northeast High School (9th-12th)

Community College of Philadelphia (2016-2018)

Temple university (2018-present)

Prior Professional Experience:

  • Company name: Northtec

Position: Assembler

Job description: Responsible for placing a given product onto a conveyor belt while working with others. This process would be repeated for a given amount of time. The type of products being worked with would be an array of cosmetics.

  • Company name: Sunoco

Position: Cashier

Job Description: Checking out customer, playing lottery for customer, taking out the trash, refilling the cooler with beverages, and cleaning the store itself.

  • Company Name: Royal Valet

Position: Driver

Job Description: Park cars for customers at the specific locations we were placed at such as restaurants.

Extracurricular Activities:

Peer Mediation: An in school group which focused on helping kids in school resolve their problems through peaceful means. As a member, I was trained as a peer mediator and was able to help resolve issues with problematic youth. (9th)

Basketball: Junior Varsity member and Co-Captain in 10th grade.

Syro Malabar Catholic Church Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (SMCC CCD):  Since 5th grade, I have participated in my church’s CCD program. A nonprofit youth group conducts weekly Bible studies, retreats, & conventions. It served as a safe environment for everyone to express their beliefs and teach to those who are less informed.

SMCC Alter Servers Group: (Senior Alter Server) Composed of a group of kids that worked in close contact with the Priest to help conduct weekly services and other church activities. I have been a member since 4th grade.

Syro Malabar Youth League (SMYL) Basketball Team: My church’s basketball team separated by age group, which participates in and conducts a summer league and other tournaments for charity, such as the pro-life movement. (9th– Present)

CCD 1st Grade Teacher’s Assistant: I help the teacher with the generally larger classes of kids. We focus on teaching the kids basic concepts regarding faith and living good lives. (9th -11th)

Vacation Bible School Camp Counselor: Small church run bible camp for kids grades K through eight. I was responsible for the smaller children (k-2). A small group of other counselors and I worked to entertain the kids with games and such all while maintaining a peaceful church atmosphere.   

Temple University Volunteer Work: Job Included assisting the elderly, giving out news papers, directing patients to appropriate appointments, reading to them etc.


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