Work Experience

About My Current Employment

Real Estate Manager                                                                                 Philadelphia, PA

Property Manager                                                                                              September 2015-Present

  • Manage property logistical elements
  • Work with listing broker to facilitate transactions
  • Communicate with tenants

I am currently working as a property manger for a couple of real estate entrepreneurs. What I do on a day-to-day basis varies, from communicating with tenants to negotiating property acquisition. I appreciate the fact that I can be creative with how I approach each situation and how there is something new to do everyday.  The most importance factor for me was learning how to be adaptable and being always ready to learn new things. Some days I get to see how a property is renovated others, I sit in with lawyers reviewing legal documents. I truly enjoy the dichotomy and I cannot wait to see what is next.

Previous Work Experience

Prestige Home Care Agency                                                                         Philadelphia, PA

Summer Administrative Assistant                                                                         July – August 2013

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