My Interests

-Creativity: With so many people, brands and options, creativity is what makes an individual or company stand apart from the rest.

-E-Commerce: Experts project that Amazon Inc. will have a hold of e-commerce for the at least the next decade.  To succeed in the current and future business climate, that means having someone who can utilize Amazon Inc. not shy away from it.

-Investments: Insure success in the future by invest now.

-Marketing: No matter how great a product is, without proper marketing no one will ever hear about it

-Real Estate: As urbanization increases, metropolitan real estate is at a all time high.

-Retail: Retail is the front line in almost all production driven companies.

-Social Media: In the age of technology, Social Media websites are the hub of information distribution.

-Teamwork: Communication is essential in an professional environment.

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