My Interests

An interest of mine includes learning languages. I am bilingual; proficient in Spanish and English. At the moment I am improving my pronunciation in English. In the future, I hope to learn French and Italian, both of which I already know the basics. Another interest of mine is sports. I used to be part of the volleyball team of my school for six years and also I was part of the soccer team for two years. I also enjoy doing community service. I have volunteered in a nursing home and an after-school program. I am looking forward to being part of a community service organization here at Temple University.

One Response to My Interests

  • Hey Sunny! I see we share the same major and interests in languages. I am proficient in: English, Korean, and intermediate in Spanish and I have taken a semester of French. I also used to play volleyball in high school as the libero and have volunteered with children. Good luck to you this upcoming semester!

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