Work Experience

Cashier/Personal Checkout Attendant where I helped customer’s questions about products in store or transactions. Maintained knowledge of payment and exchange policies, health, and safety standards for working with food, and specific details about products in the store. I worked with the overnight crew where I learned the layout and orderly structure of the aisles and efficiently of the store. I stocked shelves of multiple aisles, read CRN codes to properly stock products, and rotated old products out to keep proper expirations up to date. I worked at a country club as a dishwasher where I kept constant rotation of cleaning dishes, eating utensils, and cooking equipment. There I learned how to efficiently keep materials flowing and clean to be available and reused by other staff and customers. I also was a waiter which I provided personal service for guests and customers. Handed out food and drink, rotated eating utensils, and answered questions to please customers.

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