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Sharon George

BBA in Accounting, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Email: tuj85203@temple.edu


Hi, I am Sharon George and I’m currently a freshman accounting major at Fox School of Business at Temple University. I’m originally from Bergenfield, NJ  which is located in North Jersey and its approximately two and half hours away from Philadelphia. I am really motivated to gain knowledge and experience in my major which will eventually help me succeed in the career I pursue in the the near future. I am currently of Ascend, which is and SPO at Fox geared towards Accounting and Finance. As for my experience, back in my senior year of high school, due to the Finance program I was part of, every Thursday instead of going to school, I would go to my internship at the Clinton Inn Hotel and Event Center in Tenafly, New Jersey, where I worked in several departments, especially in the Accounting department where I did some auditing work. I can’t wait to become more involved in the business school at Temple and become more experienced in the Accounting field and graduate in 2022!

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