Work Experience

Team Member Engagement Coordinator at Chick-fil-A
(January 2019 – Present)

I got to design and create this position myself. With the assistance of my general manager, I created a job that fit my strengths and focus on things that I was passionate about. With this job, my goal is to make sure every team member at our store feels included and valued as an employee. I’m working to improve communication between the first level employee and highest level of management. It was a wonderful learning experience preparing for my many business meetings and creating budgets before this job idea was approved by management. It was rewarding to have my proposal get accepted and now I’m working hard on reaching my goals.

Certified Trainer at Chick-fil-A
(April 2018 – January 2019)

To get this job I had to know everything there is to know about Chick-fil-A. Studying to pass informational tests and proving I could handle a little bit of leadership to my management was a great growing experience. Once I got the job, I was responsible for welcoming new employees and teaching them the ropes. It was a good way for me to practice patience and improve on communication skills while I taught new hires tasks like front counter register or working the drive-through window.

Assistant Production Manager Intern at Upper Darby Summer Stage
(Summer 2018)

The summer after my high school graduation, I got an internship with a program I had been attending all through high school. It was very interesting being on staff for a program I knew so closely from the opposite side. I learned a lot about production and realized it’s not always a glamours job. I spent time working on dainty chores for others and while it felt occasionally felt meaningless to me, I had to realize I was helping a much larger picture. I was doing tasks so others could focus on more important work and keep the organization running smoothly. At the end of the internship, they ended up giving me more responsibilities. My internship was only three months but it showed me that consistent hard work will eventually be noticed and rewarded.

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