My Personal Interests

As an International Business major, one of my main interests is traveling. I am fortunate enough to have visited many Spanish speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Currently, I am enrolled in Spanish 2001, and it is one of my favorite classes. I also, love to go to the beach and spend time with my family. Also, I love to explore the city of Philadelphia with my friends. Whether that is going downtown to eat, walk around, or shop, I am always ready for a subway trip!

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  • Hi Sydney, I also have an interest in traveling to foreign countries! As well as going to the beach and spending time in Philadelphia. We have a lot in common!

  • Hey Sydney, my name is Kayla McCauley you mentioned you were into a few similar interests as myself in your previous comment on my page. I find that being able to accept learning and trying new things is an important asset to a successful future. When you are open to these options you allow yourself to become more efficient in the way you you provide you work and how much more you will be able to offer. I have cheered for 16 years and counting as I currently cheer at Temple. Also, I love being down the beach I have a shore house and usually work my summers down in Wildwood! This semester has been well hope things are going good yourself!

  • Hey Sydney! I am also majoring in IB and enjoy traveling. I am minoring in Spanish and taking Spanish 2096 right now and I love it!

  • Hey Sydney! I’m majoring in International Business too and I plan on taking Italian since I’ve already taken French! I see that you take Spanish and I think that is so cool! Spanish is an awesome language and I hope to learn it sometime in the future. I love Philly and the beach as well, they are both so much fun.

  • Hi Sydney! I also like to travel to new places and those enlightening experiences were so helpful and meaningful to me. I wish you to get various experiences and have some exciting opportunities.

  • Hey Sydney! I love traveling to new places also. The thrill and experience of being somewhere new is very exciting and wonderful learning experience. Also I agree, the beach is a great place to just relax and enjoy your quality time with your family. I hope you have a wonderful semester!

  • Hi Sydney! I love traveling too! I am going to Mexico during the spring break! I am so excited! And I agree that there are lots of nice restaurants in downtown. Hope we can meet sometimes!

  • Hi Sydney! Traveling all over the globe sounds amazing, especially since it will be beneficial to your major and career. The beach is one of my favorite places too! Exploring all what Philadelphia has to offer is always a great time. Good luck on your future endeavors!

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