Work Experience

PARTY FAIR, Willow Grove, PA July 2015 – present

Retail/Customer Service Employee

  • Assist up to 200 customers on the weekly basis with event planning while maintaining their budget
  • Train and supervise up to 15 new employees during the four years
  • Reconcile daily deposits on orders and maintaining inventory and supply ordering, and coordinate opening and closing
  • Use problem-solving skills in order to appease both the customer and the company


I have demonstrated my special event skills while working at Party Fair in the Willow Grove Shopping Center. I was a retail cashier and a customer service provider, where I served up to 200 customers a week. I coordinated events that ranged from balloon decorations to table centerpieces and stayed within each individual’s budget. Most special event orders are sent to me because I excel in customer service. One of the projects I have handled independently had dealt with communicating preparation ideas with the customer for a duration of two months which eventually led to a profit of $2,000 due to a satisfied customer. My special event skills will allow me to excel in the special projects assigned by Elite SEM.


I have a solid foundation in data entry from working at Party Fair, Willow Grove where I fill up to one hundred project inventories using TAM Office software. My digital record keeping allowed balloon inventory and store supplies up to date on a weekly basis. In one instance, I took inventory on number foil balloons which were on a constant high demand; therefore, supplies were still selling, creating a profit for the company and satisfaction for the customers. My knowledge in data entry can help Elite SEM help maintain the Human Resource Information System, including data integrity, pending changes, and ACA compliance.

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