Volunteer Work

I have volunteered in plenty of community service work throughout my high school journey. My church has always hosted its annual food drive “The Superbowl of Caring” at least twice a year to give back to areas that were less fortunate. In addition, as a church community, we’ve hosted events such as “Back 2 School”, “Memorial Day”, “School’s Out”, etc. in different locations around the Philadelphia and Delaware County region to welcome other communities into our church home and to show our love and faith through multiple aspects. In high school, I’ve done walks such as the “MS Walk” and “Breast Cancer Walk” around the Philadelphia Art Museum, helped host school events such as “Back to School Night”, “National Honor Society Newcomers Ceremony”, “LIF Event”, etc. created art decorations to display for those school events and done community face painting in and outside of high school.

I’ve done various volunteer work around the Philadelphia region since living around campus specifically with engaging in my own personal food drives with those less fortunate. I’ve rode around on bicycles down Center City, just talking to the homeless individuals, learning about their life leading up to their current lifestyle and making sure they were alright for the night. As an employee of the YMCA, I’ve taken some of my time to help administer the parents and other guests into our coat drives hosted in our gym and assisted other volunteers and caterers during our other community events. So far, I’ve gained a lot of experience with managing people relationships, using proper teamwork to solve problems-solving situations and served people while learning how to use customer feedback to critique my own performance.

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