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I. Opening statement:
– Mechanical engineering major and Management Information System minor student- junior student.
– Have worked on several engineering projects:
– Developing a new prosthetic part for medical purposes.
– Building a bridge sample with a strong basis that can still strong in front of climate changes such as: strong wind and tornados.

II. Key Skills
-Team work skills
-Problem solving
-working under pressure
-communication skills
-multilingual: English-Arabic
Excel proficiency

– skills that link your experience to the job you’re applying for
III. Technical/Software skills: engineering programs proficiency in:

Further skills :
– 1. Communication
– 2. Teamwork
– 3. Problem solving:
– 4. Initiative and enterprise
– 5. Planning and organizing
– 6. Self-management
– 7. Learning
– 8. Technology
IV. Education
Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Management Information System.

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