My Interests

Investing and learning about the stock market is what inclined me to choose Finance as my major. I also am an avid sports fan especially when it comes to football. Go Eagles!

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  • Hi Sahil! You and I both like finance, and it is cool that you are investing already (as am I). I love football as well. Keep up the awesome work here.

  • Hi Sahil. It’s cool that we’re both sophomore finance majors looking into investment careers. Its certainly a great major as far as possible career paths. I’m also a huge sports fan. The Pittsburgh Steelers are my team but I root for the Eagles when I watch them. Hope you continue to pursue a career in finance.

  • Hi Sahil, similar to you the stock market drove me to finance as my major. Since I grew up in Philly, I’m also a die-hard Eagles fan. If you keep work hard, you’ll get far in investing.

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