My Interests

In the weekend I find that my time is split between a variety of things. I really enjoy cooking meals for myself. When I am not scarfing down my creations I can be found in the gym getting fit. I have always been a social bee and felt a need to meet new people and connect with my surroundings. I find business concepts interesting, specifically capital markets in the technology sector, but also love learning about other subjects such as the environment and sustainability.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • I also enjoy sustainability and learning about the environment. I took an environmental sustainability class last semester and I loved it- it was so interesting! Have you taken/ do you plan on taking any classes of the sort?

  • I also like going to the gym and exercising a lot. Last semester I took an environmental class and really enjoyed it!

  • I also like to cook and find different things to make and of course the best part is the tasting! I keep myself busy I don’t have the time to go to the gym with work, school and a one year old, the gym is wishful thinking. I also took an environmental class a few semesters back and found it interesting.

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