Work Experience

During my time as a Barista at Starbucks, I developed multitasking skills.  I worked at the register using the point-of-sale system, on the bar crafting hand-made drinks to order, at the drive-through window delivering food and beverages, and on the cafe floor providing a welcoming atmosphere.  The plethora of responsibilities allowed me to adapt quickly to tasks that were associated with each aspect of the business.

My time as a Stylist at Francesca’s improved my interpersonal and communication skills as I created genuine relationships with the customer base, learning its individual shopping goals.  The personal guest experience enabled me to have a better understanding of assessing a company’s market based on its consumers’ specific needs.

As a Sales Associate at Old Navy, I strengthened my customer service skills.  I also had the opportunity to use new technology in a fast-paced work environment, which grew my ability to work efficiently.  I assisted customers on the sales floor, in addition to completing transactions at the register.

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