My Interests

I am currently a junior enrolled at Temple University with a primary major in Accounting and a secondary major in Criminal Justice. My interests include volunteering once a week for Big Brothers Big Sisters, traveling, attending weekly FAA SPO meetings, and leading group fitness sessions at the recreation center. In the future, I hope to become a forensic accountant for either a big 4 accounting firm or a federal agency.

My Trip to South Africa Last Summer:

My Hip Hop Sessions at the IBC Rec Center:

Big Brothers Big Sisters:

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Hello, Rebecca. I found your interests direct and dedicated. You seek and demand a good future, and I truly believe you could make it someday. I acknowledged you are leading group fitness sessions at the recreation center. Would you clearly explain what you have for these sessions and do you enjoy your current job?

  • Hi Rebecca, your page looks very professional and well put together. I also enjoy traveling, South Africa must have been incredible!

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