Career and Personal Interests

Career Interests

Deciding on a career has as always been an challenge for me. My first career was to be an electrical engineer however, later my dad bought a small business that changed my mind that I have no real passion like I have for business management. I want to be like my father, he owns couple of small business like convenient stores, smoke shop, and gas stations. I want get knowledge from him and from the Temple University so one day I can open my own business.

Personal Interests

When I am not working or not at school, some of my Interests is watching Action/Thriller movies and Netflix. I also like to travel some of the recent places I visited is Canada and Mauritius. The other things I would be doing if I am not traveling or watch movies I will be hiking and camping in Virginia. For me nothing makes me relax as much as camping with friends and family with campfire.

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  • Hi Rushabh, I noticed we have some interests in common. I also have a challenge deciding my career. At first I wanted to a Marine Biologist but realized it wasn’t for me. I find it fascinating to start my own business also. I love traveling and Netflix too.

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