My Interests

One interest of mine that has been a part of my life since I was four years old is Irish Dance.  I have been a competitive Irish Dancer for fourteen years and am now an assistant teacher at the Devrin Academy of Irish Dance.  The hard work and drive that was necessary to be successful in Irish Dance have transferred over and have allowed me to be more successful in other interests of my life. Additionally, I have always had an interest in computers in some way.  I originally was a computer science major here at Temple, but during my job as a Technical Support Student Worker, I was able to explore my interest into IT and switch my major to MIS.  Lastly, I enjoy any kind of interests that allows me to learn new things and challenges me and just like Irish Dance does; this includes, cycling, traveling, learning new recipes to cook, and running.

5 Responses to My Interests

  • Hey, Reilly! I think it is so cool that you have been a competitive Irish Dancer for so many years and are now an assistant teacher. I think that this experience will definitely be helpful when you go to pursue a career in MIS in the future.

  • You have some very interesting interests that led you to a major in MIS. You seem like you have experienced a lot of areas to lead you to success in your major.

  • Hi, Reilly! I am also an MIS major so I am always curious as to how others feel about the subject. I completely agree when you say technology has become the backbone for all businesses, that’s actually part of the reason that I decided to double major with MIS being one of them. I also think it’s great that you have those leadership positions as experience. I have work experience where I’ve been put in charge and I feel like that’s really shaped who I am and where I want to go.

  • Hey Reilly!! It is amazing that you have been an Irish dancer for so long! I think this commitment really shows your dedication to a passion and I think you will have the same dedication in your career.

  • Hi, Reilly I was also originally a Computer Science Major that switched to MIS. I hope you enjoy the transition and it was a beneficial switch.

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