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My interests are Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Social Media, Law, Real Estate, and Design, with scattered interests in other fields. I am currently an Undeclared Business major, but I am looking into declaring my major as Finance, with a possible minor in Legal Studies. I have always been interested in Law and I am considering becoming a corporate lawyer. If I decide to not attend law school I plan on working in the Finance field as a Financial Planner.

My personal interests are family, friends, sports, and nature. I love spending my free time exploring new places and trying new things with the people I love.

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  • I am also interested in Accounting as it is my major. I chose it because I found it is very practical and interacts with other aspects of business that I am interested in such as Real Estate.

  • Hi Rosalie, I also love exploring new places with my family and friends. I feel like it is so important to be open minded and willing to experience new and different things!

  • Hi Rosalie, I think becoming a corporate lawyer is such an amazing career path, and being a financial planner is also interesting.

  • Hi, I am currently a Finance major and I find it very interesting. I am more interested in the venture capitalist aspects of Finance, but still find Financial planning intriguing.

  • Hey Rosalie, thats pretty cool that your interested in the law. Being a lawyer was always one the career paths I wanted to take and hope it works out for you!

  • I found it interesting that you are Undeclared Business Major like me. I took LGLS 1101 with Samuel Hodge last semester. The class really expanded my general knowledge of business law and its application in the real world. I would recommend to attend Mock Trials hosted by temple University because you could see current student lawyers working with a real judge.

  • Hello! I am a finance major and I would definitely record it if it it something you are interested in. I hope everything works out for you!

  • Hi Rosalie, I also enjoy reading and learning about law!

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