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Promyce Déja Miller

BBA in Entrepreneurship, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Email: promyce@temple.edu


Hello, my name is Promyce, I’m originally from Washington D.C., and I’m a huge D.C. sports fan (Go Nats!)! For my college career, I wanted a small change in scenery but still needed to feel like I was in a big city, which ultimately landed me here at  Temple University’s, nationally ranked, Fox School of Business. At Temple, you can probably find me watching a sporting event, researching my business idea, or learning a new skill.

At Temple University, I major in Entrepreneurship Innovation Management because I wish to be a social entrepreneur. For me, being a social entrepreneur means finding a way to bring help or assistance to a group of people who may not know they need it. So far with my time at Temple, I learned how to create, redefine, research, and critically think about a working idea to make a plan to implement my ideas and see if it is obtainable or not.

Thank you for looking at my e-portfolio and you can email me at promyce@temple.edu with any inquiries.

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