Work Experience

I have gained a variety of skills throughout the different jobs I have had.  First off I have been landscaping every summer for my family business.  This instilled a value for hard work, and taught me how to manage others as a supervisor.  Furthermore, I worked at an arcade as a cashier and attendant.  This job involved working with children and parents, which can be difficult at times.  My experience at this job strengthened my customer service skills and my patience.  Moreover, I worked in the kitchen of Red Lobster, Wyomissing.  This job introduced me to the high pressure, fast paced environment of the restaurant business.  Not only that, but it taught me the importance of responsibility, and customer satisfaction.  Skip ahead to today: I have just begun a new job in center city at Gran Cafe’ LaQuilla, a renowned Italian restaurant.  I hope to work my way up the ladder into a sustainable position.

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