My Interests

I am very interested in the world of finance and I am currently interested in becoming a portfolio manager. I always find the changing landscape of investing to be fascinating and the process of trying to make sense of and find patterns in complete chaos and randomness seems like a fun challenge.

For a physical activity I always look to soccer and I am a passionate fan of FC Barcelona. For a more mental activity I love play chess and often look for people to play.

Chess has always been one of my favorite games as a child and I still look for people to play with today.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Hey Nolan! Finance is very fascinating and becoming a portfolio manager would be a great career. I am an economics major, so like you I also like finding patterns; but for me it consists of more consumer decision making patterns.

  • Hey Nolan, my name is Anthony Allocco and I am currently studying risk management at temple university. Read that you are a fan of Barcelona, that is unfortunate, go Manchester United. I also enjoy trying to navigate chaos and find trends to better predict the future. Becoming a portfolio manager sounds interesting and I hope you find success in it.

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