My Interests

My areas of interest are mostly anything relating to finance, accounting, marketing, and business management. I have my own business which consists of my own clothing line as well as a beauty salon. I am always working to improve my business by promoting my new products and services. I enjoy satisfying my clients as well as dealing and negotiating with vendors. Trading foreign exchange and stocks also interest me immensely as I’m big on managing my money. Anything business related fascinates me for the most part.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • Hello Nicola! Congratulations on being an entrepreneur! With an interest in the things you’ve listed such as finance, accounting, marketing, and business management I am sure your business will continue to thrive!

  • Hey Nicola!
    We share interests that including marketing and beauty. That is awesome that you have your own clothing line!

  • Hi Nicola! I think its cool that you have your own type of business. We have similar interests like accounting and business management. I also show an interest in the stock market and trading stocks, using it as a learning opportunity.

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