My Interests

I have always been very involved in sports.  I have played field hockey, basketball and softball for 8 years of my life.  It has been a passion of mine, but now that I can no longer competitively compete in sports I am interested in things I learned from it.  Being a captain on my high school teams, it showed me the value of strong leadership skills.  I also learned how to cooperate with others and motivate them as well.

I’ve always been interested in Student Government.  I was a homeroom representative from 6th-7th grade, until my last year in grade school I was the President of my school.  When I continued into high school, I was President of my Junior Class and then moved on to be Vice President of the school my senior year.

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  • Hello Nora, I saw under your my interests page that you from a very young age have been involved in all types of sports. I have also been involved in a multitude of competitive sports throughout the years and similarly to you have learned a-lot from those experiences. It is pretty crazy to think about the lessons we learned from sports when we were little kids can play such a prominent impact in our business careers for the rest of our life. I wish you luck with all of your future endeavors.

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