My Interests

I am interested in all aspects of business, but the parts that most excite me are the finances and accounting of a business. I am really interested in how a business plans to grow and expand with what they do and what they sell. Coming from a background in sales and retail, I have been able to see how different prices points for products and services have helped and also hurt a business. Being able to see how even the smallest adjustments in prices can affect sales fascinates me. I also have an interest in the analysis of how business can better improve and cut costs. I have spent the last summer working with the accounting apartment of a mid size company seeing how to better help their financial well-being and the work is really interesting to me.

One Response to My Interests

  • I can really relate to your interests; it seems like you have a solid base understanding for how businesses should operate. I am also a Finance major, and I can definitely relate with your point of view that finance effects us not only in every business aspect, but it surrounds our daily lives. If you’d ever want to meet up and discuss our career paths going forward, feel free to contact me!

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