The following are Fox courses that I have taken and passed at Temple University (with a small description of what each course encompasses):

HRM 1101 – A basic understanding of business as a whole; a foundation of human resource management.

LGLS 1101 – Information regarding Law in Business (i.e. Criminal Law, Contract Law, Tort Law)

ECON 1101 – Foundation in Macroeconomic Principles

ECON 1102 – Foundation in Microeconomic Principles

STAT 1001 – Pre-calculus

STAT 1102 – Business Calculus & Business Statistics foundation


I am also currently enrolled in MIS 2101 and RMI 2101.  In MIS 2101, I plan to improve on my professional development strategies as well as begin to form a basic understanding of Information Systems Technology.  In RMI 2101, I plan to improve on my abilities in identifying different types of risks and properly planning how these risks can be prevented/handled.

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  • Hello Nicolas! Great Portfolio.This is a great idea to list your recent coursework. To employers this could help them in make the decision to employ you as they can see your skills are up to date! I have taken some of the same courses. I am taking ECON next semester! Good luck in your future courses.

  • Hello Nicolas, I have recently taken many of those classes. I think this is a great way for employers to see you have some establish ground work and knowledge about the courses.

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