Work Experience

The Fox Fund

As an associate analyst in the Fox Fund, I assisted in the creation of a comprehensive initiating coverage report detailing key business aspects, investment thesis, catalysts, valuation, financial and industry analysis, and potential risks of undervalued S&P Industrials sector equities while training extensively in financial software such as Bloomberg Professional and FactSet. Download: Northrop Grumman (NOC) Initiating Coverage Report

Business Honors Student Association 

As the 2019 BHSA Director of Student Engagement, I manage a team of 4 associates in the formation and implementation of all social, community service, professional development, and member relations events, surveys, and projects for the organization. Additionally, I created an engagement plan involving association members, honors professors, local businesses, and corporate sponsors.

To see more information on my work experience, please visit the “My Resume” section of my site.


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