My Interests

Though studying takes up a majority of my time currently, I have interests in multiple areas. Previously I’ve volunteered as a professional actor and performer with multiple theaters and acting troupes around the country, and I still enjoy going to the theater in Philadelphia whenever I get time! I also work with a production company that specializes in Live Action Role Play, also known as LARP, a long time hobby of mine. Finally, I’m a professionally trained vocalist and a guitar hobbyist.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Hi Nathan, I think it is awesome that you have continued to stick with your hobbies even though you have a good bit of studying. Acting, performing, and playing the guitar sounds like it would be a great activity to keep away the stress studying may bring!

  • Hey Nathan, I think that your interests in acting and performing are incredibly unique and cool. I have always found an interest in acting as well, although i have yet to “act” on this interest myself (pun intended). Hopefully one day we’ll see you on the big screen!

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