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I love to travel and explore the world. I want to learn about the diverse culture and heritage that impact their unique lives, including communication and entertainment. It is the joy that brings us together, so I enjoy every moment we meet. Let’s explore together!

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  • Hello there! I also love to travel! Have you ever been to South America? I am from Brazil and would love to give you tips if you’re ever interested in visiting my country!

    • Yes definitely, it will be very helpful, Victoria. Brazil is the country on my to-go-lists someday in the future. Please tell me more about your country. I would love to hear more from you. It is my pleasure to get to know more about Brazil!

  • Hello, LAM! I’m also an enthusiastic traveller! Experiencing new things and being exposed to various circumstances are always exciting! Where’s the best place you’ve ever been so far?

    • Hi Yongmin, I am glad you are excited about traveling. I love Hawaii so much. I learned their Hawaiian Values, which is Aloha (Hello) and Ohana (Family) Spirit. These values support me academically and professionally. If you have the opportunity to go to Hawaii, let me know I could recommend some great places to visit there. The picture on this site is the photo I took at Waimea Bay, Hawaii. It looks like a magical wave to me. I hope you also capture some wonderful photos while you traveled. Good luck and take care!

  • Hi My Lam, I love to travel too. I agree with you that it does bring us together and help us understand each other. It is important to travel, especially in business because you can learn to connect with people on a personal level.

    • Hello Yvonne, thank you so much for connecting with me here! I am glad you found me out. It is my pleasure to hear from you, and I hope we would be motivated by our MIS course.

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