I am an Accounting major because I have an interest in forensic accounting.  I enjoy learning about the legal aspects of corporate and personal accounting practices.  I hope to someday help identify and prosecute financial criminals.


I’m also interested in payroll taxes.  They’re very boring to most people, but I enjoy learning about the ways in which different states regulate withholding and unemployment taxes.


On a nonprofessional level, I enjoy doing needlework.  I’m well-versed in the art of needlepoint.  Needlework requires patience and attention to detail, which is similar to accounting.

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  • Hey Margaret!

    I am an accounting major as well. I also find the things typically considered “boring” in accounting to be interesting.

    Good luck in your studies!

  • Hi Margaret! I am definitely one of the people that believes payroll taxes tend to be boring, but I am similar in my field of study. Some people tend to think market research and looking at analytics can be boring, but I enjoy it.

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