Matthew Roth

BBA in Marketing, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Email: tuf89091@temple.edu


Hello, I am Matthew Roth and am currently a sophomore in Fox School of Business majoring in Marketing.  After my freshman year, I had the opportunity to intern with the National Lacrosse League (NLL) in the Marketing department of the professional lacrosse organization.  At Temple, I have recently joined American Marketing Association and look forward for the future with all that it has to offer.  I chose Marketing as a major because I have always been very interested in the field and how versatile it could be in business.  All businesses need marketing and with my hard work and enthusiasm I believe it is the best fit for me to excel in.

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  • Hi! My name is Janee’ Andrews. I am not majoring in Marketing, however taking a marketing course has helped me in my professional role as a business manager. I agree, all businesses need marketing and I wish you the best of luck!

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