My Interests

My interest is helping my community by being a leader in my community. I like to also do crayon art in my free time, so far I have 5 pieces of art and one more that I haven’t finish yet. I love to dance it helps me with my stress and it makes me feel very happy.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • Hi, Nice to meet you! I also have a strong interest in the betterment of my community. It’s great to see that other people are wanting to create a better impact on the world by starting with their own community.

  • Hello! We share the same interest in wanting to help others in your community with your skill set. I find it admirable that you are setting goals to help yourself achieve this.

  • Hi Maria, I noticed we have similar interests in government and leadership. I think it’s great that you try to be a leader in your community; are there any organizations or clubs in particular that you volunteer with?

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