My Interests

I am very interested in the world of finance and consulting. I am also interested by operations and supply chain management. Additionally, as being a part of the Residence Hall Association, I am very interested in giving first year students leadership opportunities to help them succeed in their college careers.

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  • Hi Matthew, I just saw on your profile that one of your skills/interests is leadership. I also noticed that you’re involved in a couple of organizations and just wanted to say that you are taking a step in the right direction. You are on your way to being a great leader and I hope you get to make some great impact in society.

  • Matthew, I think you have constructed a great e-portfolio. The graphics make it an appealing website to explore. I think it is great that you are involved in many activities and have leadership roles in them. I am excited to see that we are both interested in both supply chain management and finance. I think these will be two very important skills to have in the coming years.

  • Matthew. I just noticed that we have a similar interest which is finance. I also noticed that you have leadership listed as one of your skill set. I wanted to let you know that leadership and finance is a great combo.You are definitely heading in the right direction, i believe you may become a great leader that will make great impact on our society.

  • Hi, Matthew! I noticed that we have a common interest of Supply Chain! I know it is a growing field, so that is a great topic to have an interest in! Overall, you made a very appealing e-portfolio, and you seem to be a motivated student, and it seems like you have great leadership skills based off of everything that you have been involved in! Best of luck in your studies!

  • I saw that you think first year students need leadership opportunities. I think that’s a great idea since the experience will help them greatly in the future.

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