Unigame Business Competition

From October 2016 to May 2017 I had the honor of competing in a worldwide marketing competition hosted by Unilever. What started out as a 300 word submission on a marketing idea for Unilever products resulted in my team of three traveling (from California) to Philadelphia, New York, and finally London. This was a true business experience in the sense that we were given a prompt only a week or two ahead of time, which proceeded with long hours each night of brainstorming, researching, and preparing our presentations. I gained valuable public speaking and communication skills after presenting to Unilever executives at these competitions. Finally, after attending the Future Leaders League at Unilever’s headquarters in London, I gained a perspective on what it means to be an employee at Unilever, and how every person has a purpose in their lives and in their work.

See the link below to learn more about our campaign. The campaign video is worth watching!


Winning Photo from Unilever – https://wyng.com/campaign/815100

Case study – http://clients.cmswebportal.com//Unilever/UNIGAME/image-version/links/2016-2017-Case-Study-v2.pdf


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