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    Maris Grove Retirement Center(Dining Services)

    I have almost 4 years of waitressing @ Maris Grove. Working at Maris Grove has provided me skills in communication, and customer service. Here at Maris Grove, we […]

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    Some of my interests are:



    Going to concerts with friends

    Learning new skills


    • I like traveling as well. I have been to Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Finland, Canada and Russia.
      I play musical instruments and I enjoy going to concerts to listen to professionals performing.

    • I enjoy travelling too. I just got back from studying abroad in Rome and I would highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance.

    • Hello Vivian, I see that one of your interest involve eating, one things that can be a new experience is trying new food while you explore. Food is a big part in many cultures, in some cases it can help you understand more about the culture.

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    Vivian Nguyen

    BBA in Management Information Systems,Fox School of Business, Temple University

    Biography about me

    Welcome to my E-Portfolio, my name is Vivian Nguyen and I am a transfer student to Temple. […]

    • Welcome to TU Vivian! I’m sure you will experience succes and growth in Fox. Good luck!

    • Hope your decision to transfer here works out for the better for you! MIS is a changing community, which is why I am so interested in it. Although my major is not MIS, i’ve definitely considered a minor in it!

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