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    Hey Maria I really like your interest towards business decisions and how to make processing more efficient I kind of have similar thoughts on businesses and also I love traveling to countries I have been to 6 different countries so far and made friends there and would love to visit more countries and make more friends in the future.

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    Hey everyone I am a junior at temple university and I am really excited to work together with everyone here and make progress.

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    @tul59499 Hey Vivek have know for a while now since bucks so happy that we are going on the same track and hoping to work with you in future classes just how we have worked in the past.

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    I worked for Friendlys restaurant for about 4 years from the age 16. I started as a fountain guy making ice cream and gradually going up to manage the restaurant until 2017. After 2017 I worked at a store which […]

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    Some of my interests are making and listening to music, playing games, researching new stuff every now and then, playing and watching sports and also learning new languages. These are few of my interest I got a […]

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    1922 Inkberry Lane, Bensalem, PA 19020 – 215-603-6858 (H) – dkpkd1998@gmail.com


    Reliable and accountable Manager demonstrating high level of ownership and initiative. Q […]

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    Dhruv Patel
    BBA in Business Management, Fox School of Business, Temple University

    Email: dkpkd1998@gmail.com
    Thanks for looking at my eportfolio! I am originally from Bensalem, PA and went to […]

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