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    I am a recent transfer to this school. I am finishing a marketing degree, and thought this would be a good group to join.

  • @tuh13045 Your site is very well done, I especially like your header. Where did you find that/

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    Hi Bill, your interests page is very well done. I can respect someone who is passionate for those closest to him, I am sure many others would agree with that sentiment.

  • TyTech, Owner/Founder 2017-Present

    -Creates intricate business models and marketing strategies

    -Analyze demographics of certain areas to best target my potential clients

    -Develop targeted advertisements […]

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    Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg May 2019

    Bachelors of Business Administration GPA: 3.89

    Major: Business Management
    Major: Business Marketing
    Major: Computer Information S […]

  • Some of the things I am interested in:

    Fitness, I was a collegiate runner for a long time; and I am very passionate about and eating right and working out.

    Esports, I have played and coached for a couple […]

    • Hi Ty, I am also interested in fitness, and different types of workouts and running. I just purchase some new running sneakers on sunday. I hope to do the Broad Street run this year. I’m also very interested in eating right. I’ve been eating a lot of vegetarian dishes lately. When I tell friends I haven’t had any meat to eat last night they look at me like I’m crazy. I love sports too. I’m a diehard Eagles, Sixers, Phillies and Flyers fan. So basically the hometown teams. Best of luck to you in your studies here at Temple University.

    • Hey Ty, I noticed that you are interested in fitness and ran in college. I too also ran track and played basketball in high school. I think it is important to maintain a good workout routine and diet throughout college, even though it may be difficult at times. I also saw that you like Esports, and I can somewhat relate to that. I’ve never been a big follower of the Esports scene, but a lot of my friends and close family members are really into that so I know some of the basic big teams. I’m interested to know which games you enjoy the most! Good luck to you in the rest of your time at Temple.

    • Hi Ty, as a vegetarian I also put a lot of time into making sure I eat well. I also played sports growing up into adulthood and have a deep connection with my old teams and friends too. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle so you always have the energy to focus on your work at hand. I see you’re accomplishing that by putting your free time into learning about new things. Good luck with the rest of your studies here at Temple!

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    Ty Dickerson
    BBA in Marketing, Fox School of Business, Temple University

    Email: tuk60369@temple.edu
    Thanks for looking at my eportfolio! I am originally from Topeka, Kansas and transferred to […]

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