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    Hey Alex, how are you? I just made my e portfolio so I have not had much of a chance to connect with people, but it does seem like a great tool to find other students with similar interests.

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    Hello everyone, I am an accounting major here at the fox school. I am currently enrolled in a cost accounting class which is turning out to be a challenge. I look forward to seeing what this group has to offer.

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    Hello Daniel! It seems like we share many of the same interests. I also have started a small landscaping business on the side to earn some extra cash. I admire your entrepreneurial mindset, and I am sure you will be very successful in your future endeavors.

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    @tui84353 Hey Sean, I see you are also an accounting major, the accounting major here at Fox is a great choice, it will open up many doors for you in the future. I wish you the best of luck.

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    I just completed my associates degree at Delaware County Community College in business administration. I enjoyed my managerial and financial accounting classes there which ultimately led to me choosing accounting […]

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  • Hello my name is Samuel Nelson, thank you for visiting my page. I have many interests but some of the most notable are sports, politics/current events, and cars. I also like to attend Temple sporting events when I […]

    • Samuel, I enjoy the fact that you are into sports and attend of school’s sporting events. Showing your school spirit is what brings a community together. I also went to the Philadelphia car show recently and enjoyed seeing the customized cars. One of your skills is teamwork and I believe this is a vital skill to have in a business. I wish you success this current semester.

    • Hey Samuel! I really like the fact that you’re into sports as that is one of my primary interests as well. I find it commendable that you enjoy showing your pride for Temple University by attending their extra-curricular events. Best of luck this semester!

    • Hey Samuel! We seem to have a lot in common. I am also a sophomore accounting major here at Temple University. What I really love to do besides accounting is playing/watching sports. I recently just watched the UNC-Duke game and wow that was unexpected. Wish you the best of luck on your accounting path!

    • Hi Samuell, I saw we had the common interest in accounting.I think that accounting has a large presence today and is an important part of business. I also am interested in numbers and calculations. Hope we can network and talk about our interests sometime in the future. Wish you success this current semester.

    • Hi Samuel, I really like the fact that you show different sides of your interests. There’s, of course, the more professional aspects, but then you also include personal interests such as cars and sports. This really makes your profile more ‘you’ and it makes it more personal. Keep at it and I wish you luck this semester!

    • Hi Samuel, I am also interested in politics and current events. I personally find our political environment very entertaining these days. Cars are also an interest of mine. The Philadelphia Auto Show is one of my favorite car shows. The auto show has just about any car you could imagine, old and new. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. Best of luck this semester!

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    Samuel T. Nelson
    BBA in Accounting, Fox School of Business, Temple University

    Thanks for looking at my eportfolio! I am originally from Wallingford, PA and went to […]

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