Lexanna Reale

  • Anh Mai posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    @tuk11900 Your activity seems fun, my major is Marketing too. What field of marketing you love to work at ?

  • @tuk11900 Hello! I saw that you were also a member of the creativity group and enjoy diy projects!
    I too think that nurturing our creativity in such activities is a great investment of time!

  • @tuk11900 I see we are both interested in marketing. Which part of marketing do you find the most interesting?

    • I love the research that goes into marketing a product and then the end result. Some companies marketing strategy’s are genius, I thought the IHOP one was great and also funny. I like the creativity aspect of the major!

  • @tuk11900 Hi, I saw we are both interested in social media. Which outlet do you enjoy the most?

    • I really enjoy posting on Instagram because I love photography; I also like looking at everyone’s pictures! Definitely the app I check the most, but I also love twitter.

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