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  • Hello Finance and Accounting group,

    I am a freshman economics major seeking a career in financial services. My experience in the Fox Fund and TUIA has piqued my interest in the equity markets and I would love to chat about market outlooks/insights with anyone interested!

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    I too have an interest in the global economy! Globalization and culture have such profound effects on the financial markets, consumer confidence, and nearly every macroeconomic factor there is, and it is vital as 21st century businessmen to realize that the world market is still evolving. I admire your respect for the global market and…[Read more]

  • @tuj15831 Hello Fred, you and I share many similar career interests within the financial services sector! I find your additional interest in law fascinating; there are so many facets of financial compliance and investment governance within business law, so it makes sense to see a career in law in addition to pursuing an education in finance.

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  • The Fox Fund

    As an associate analyst in the Fox Fund, I assisted in the creation of a comprehensive initiating coverage report detailing key business aspects, investment thesis, catalysts, valuation, financial […]

  • Philly Sports

    Since a young age, I have always cheered on my favorite Philadelphia sports teams, specifically the Eagles, Phillies, and 76ers. I have collected tickets from every NFL Championship the Eagles […]

    • Hi Nathan,

      It is very exciting that you attended and collect tickets from so many important games in Philadelphia history. Like you, I am also very interested in Philadelphia sports and have attended some of these big games. I hope there will be many more playoff games to come!

    • Hi Nathan,
      I have always been a very big sports fan, as well. Philly sports to be exact. The best day of my life was when the Eagles won the super bowl. My family has season tickets to the Phillies, Sixers, and Eagles. My dream is to market for any sports team, preferably the Philadelphia teams!

    • Hi Nathan,
      I also share a passion from traveling and have seen a lot of places both in and out of the country. I have also been to Mexico and it was an amazing experience and would definitely go again. Costa Rica sounds like it would be an amazing place to travel and I am sure it was a great trip. I am also planning to study abroad in Rome for the same reasons!

    • Hello Nathan,
      My name is Jane Levin. I, too, am an economics major with the ambition to travel across the globe. I, too have traveled to many places. Although I have never visited Mexico or Costa Rica, I have visited France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Luxembourg, Canada, Germany, Belgium, and I basically lost count after that. I still do have the ambition to travel more like Brazil, Mexico, China and Japan. In addition to traveling, I plan to study abroad in Rome by next semester. Good luck with your goals!

    • Hi Nathan,
      I also share your interests in Philadelphia sports and traveling. Being able to watch the teams play big games is a great joy in my life. Additionally, I can tell you that you are going to love studying abroad in Rome. I studied there last summer and it was an unforgettable experience. Have fun in Rome!

    • Hi Nathan,
      I love to travel as well. I definitely want to explore Europe at some point and I’m sure that you’ll love Rome. I also think that it’s cool that you collect tickets from all of those games. I’m also a huge fan of Philly sports and have been to a couple of big games!

    • Hi Nathan,
      I share your interests in Philadelphia sports teams. I think it is really cool that you have collected the tickets from big games you have been too. I have read the books for Game of Thrones and love talking about the possible endings to the series; you never know what will happen in that series!

  • Download: Nathan Latimer – CSPD Resume
    Nathan D. Latimer                 

    1300 Cecil B. Moore Avenue | Philadelphia | PA | 19122 | tel:  484.868.6191

    EDUCATION:  […]

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    Nathan Latimer
    BBA in Economics, Fox School of Business, Temple University

    Thanks for looking at my eportfolio! I am an Economics major graduating in May 2022 […]

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