Jonathan Tumavitch

  • Hello, I just started taking classes in accounting as an accounting major, and I hope this group can be used as a valuable resource in networking and expanding knowledge regarding finance and accounting.

  • Jonathan Tumavitch commented on the post, About Me, on the site Katherine Steiner 6 months ago

    Hello, I also am interested in accounting and finance. Leadership is also very important modern day, so we all must develop our skills to be good leaders. Maybe we will work together in the future.

  • Jonathan Tumavitch posted an update 6 months ago

    @tui97608 Hello Jackson, we both share interests of accounting, finance, and government. We both also graduate in 2022, so maybe we will cross paths.

  • My name is Jonathan (Johnny) Tumavitch, and I am an accounting major at Temple University. Feel free to explore the pages on the right about me.

    Other than studying business, I am a long time jazz guitarist. […]

  • Ayers Country Market, Clarks Summit, PA                                            February 2018-August 20

    Deli Worker

    Cut lunch meat and cheese for customers.
    Prepared hoagies and pizzas.
    Cleaned t […]

  • As our world grows technologically, we as a society need to learn how to utilize social media to enhance business. For me personally, I am interested in learning how new technology can be used in accounting as […]

    • All though I did not write about it in my portfolio I am also interested to see how technology can be used in Accounting. As I am an accounting major technology will play a large role on how accounting will be done when I graduate.

    • Jonathan,
      I too am interested in how technology will affect the accounting industry. I am eager to see the effects of artificial intelligence, especially when it comes to accounting. Also, I couldn’t agree more how important face to face interactions are. As young professionals get sucked into their phones they potentially lack good face to face communication skills which would prove detrimental to their careers.

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