Fred Shub

  • @tuj15831 Hi Fred! You and I share an interest in financial analysis. It is an extremely important part of any business today.

  • @tuj15831 Fred,
    I see from your profile that you are interested in a career in corporate finance. What made you choose that as your major? I have been looking into that major as well and I am curious to hear your opinion about it.

    Thank you


  • @tuj15831 Hi Fred! I am also interested in working in corporate finance and also interested in politics. I believe getting a law degree would be a great goal to pursue, because it will open many opportunities for you in the field of politics.

  • Colleen McFall posted an update 10 months ago

    @tuj15831 Hey Fred, I find your interests in both finance and law to be very interesting. There are many opportunities for the combination of those skills that I see you being very good at. I have looked into the law sector myself and also find it very interesting!

  • Nathan Latimer posted an update 10 months ago

    @tuj15831 Hello Fred, you and I share many similar career interests within the financial services sector! I find your additional interest in law fascinating; there are so many facets of financial compliance and investment governance within business law, so it makes sense to see a career in law in addition to pursuing an education in finance.

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