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    Hey Matt – I also have some experience in lawn maintenance. About 5 years ago I helped run a farm east of Cincinnati Ohio and did things similar to you with lawn management and animal care. Its funny how the work we start often times has no bearing to what we do in the future, but we learn from all experiences and are able to benefit and grow for…[Read more]

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    Hi Victor – I’m very impressed that you have already felt able to invest confidently in the stock market. To me that has always been one of those things where finding patterns is the important thing, but the patterns can change so quickly that I am afraid to invest without a strong knowledge of the future. Good luck with all your investments!

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    Kaylinn, I love your reasoning behind becoming an HR major. It was my first interest when I thought about going to business school, but I was too concerned with the human aspects such as the hiring and firing of jobs. HR managers are very important in all aspects of business and I wish you good luck with your future!

  • Hey Kyle, very cool that you already work at a bank. I’m also in the accounting program at Temple, but I work at Temple for the reduced tuition. I one day hope to work in a bank and in a similar program. Have you been able to train or work on any accounting while currently working at your bank?

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    Hi C’Essence – I’m also in accounting, but I am fairly new to the ideas of business with this being only my second semester. Your reasoning for becoming an accounting major is important to me and makes me feel like I have made a good decision!

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    Hi Elizabeth – I’m very impressed that you are able to go to school while taking care of children! I think its very admirable and impressive that you are able to have such a rich work/school/life balance! I have no children of my own but your work is inspirational.

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    @tuh24052 Hi – I saw you were also interested in Accounting. Its a new idea to me so I’m interested in learning more about it.

  • Dishwasher

    Line cook


    Veterinary technician

    Research assistant


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    Lucas Hobson


    1506 S 8th st

    Philadelphia, PA 19147

    (513) 265-7034


    Education: Manor College, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

    Program of Veterinary Technology

    Expected g […]

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    I enjoy working with animals of all sorts. I started on a farm, then switched to an animal hospital, and I now work at Temple University in the research facility. In my spare time I enjoy exercising, playing […]

    • I saw you join the Accounting Group, so we might have same major. Also i like listening music when i am on the way to school; without music it will be super boring.

    • It is great that you are able to work with animals and it is something you truly enjoy. Even better that it has helped you find your current career path. Good luck with everything!

    • Lucas,

      I always wished I could take care of animals, unfortunately, science is not a strong-suit of mine!

      Best of luck with your career!

      Kyle Bottmeyer

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